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Explore Well-Link's pricing for cloud gaming solutions to find the ideal plan for your gaming needs.
Well-Link's cloud rendering service offers flexible billing based on Concurrent User (CCU). CCU represents the total number of users who access or use server resources at the same time. In full game cloud scenario, 1 CCU supports 8 to 10 players for playable ads. Cloud rendering service pricing includes Infra Fee, License Fee, and Labor Fee. Additionally, you can opt for Support Plan and Add-on Service for enhanced features.
SaaS Mode
Well-Link provides SaaS Mode by hour on-demand price. If you are looking for reserved price, please contact us.
By hour on-demand
  • SM-M+LXL
  • United States - California$0.49$0.60$0.76$1.32$2.10
  • United States - Virginia$0.47$0.56$0.71$1.17$2.10
  • South Korea - Seoul$0.55$0.67$0.86$1.46$2.58
  • Japan - Tokyo$0.56$0.69$0.89$1.56$2.75
  • Germany - Frankfurt$0.49$0.60$0.78$1.36$2.46
  • Ireland$0.48$0.58$0.74$1.26$2.27
  • Singapore$0.56$0.70$0.90$1.60$2.83
* The hourly unit price (Per CCU Per Hour) includes both Infra Fee and License Fee.
Type Description
  • S

    For games that typically feature minimal graphics and straightforward gameplay. e.g. Puzzle games, point-and-click adventures, and visual novels.

  • M-

    For games that often have low to moderate graphics and gameplay complexity. e.g. Simple RPG games, turn-based games, strategy games, and various indie titles.

  • M+

    For games that commonly showcase moderate-to-high graphics, detailed environments, and sophisticated gameplay mechanics. e.g. Popular non-AAA mainstream games known for good-quality graphics and immersive gameplay.

  • L

    For games that boast advanced graphics, extremely detailed environments, realistic physics, and complex gameplay mechanics. e.g. Recent AAA titles released within the past five years.

  • XL

    For games that push the limits of hardware capabilities, demanding top-of-the-class systems, featuring cutting-edge graphics, hyperrealistic physics, and next-era gameplay mechanics. e.g. Newly released major AAA games and titles anticipated for imminent release.

Labor Fee
$750/PD(per person - day)
On-prem Deployment
Well-Link also provide services based on your own infrastructure, please contact us for details.
Daily/ Monthly/ Yearly Package
Infra Fee
Infra Fee covers GPU virtual machines, bandwidth, and storage: We’re using Cloud Service Providers (CSP) such as Azure, AWS, GCP, and others. The Infra Fee varies based on the content itself, targeted region, and choice of CSP.
License Fee
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
Labor Fee
  • $750/PD(per person - day)
Support Plan
  • BasicStandardEnhancedEnterprise
  • Price/MonthFree$299.00$1,499.00$3,999.00
  • Documents and FAQsDocuments and FAQDocuments and FAQsDocuments and FAQsDocuments and FAQs
  • Billing SupportMonthly standard billing supportMonthly standard billing supportFull billing supportFull billing support
  • Online SupportEmailEmailEmail/IMEmail/IM
  • Emergency Phone Support---
  • Case Severity/Initial Response TimeHigh (P1) – 4 Business Hours (5x8)
    Medium (P2) – 16 Business Hours (5x8)
    Low (P3) – 24 Business Hours (5x8)
    High (P1) – 4 Business Hours (7x12)
    Medium (P2) – 16 Business Hours (5x8)
    Low (P3) – 24 Business Hours (5x8)
    High (P1) – 2 Business Hours (7x12)
    Medium (P2) – 8 Business Hours (7x12)
    Low (P3) – 14 Business Hours (7x12)
    High (P1) – 2 Hours (7x24)
    Medium (P2) – 8 Hours (7x24)
    Low (P3) – 14 Hours (7x24)
  • Flexible Scheduling--Once a monthTwice a month
  • Named Customer Success Engineer--Named Customer Success EngineerNamed Dedicated Customer Success Expert
  • Additional Features--Update-free gaming / secure close Beta with watermarkUpdate-free gaming / secure close Beta with watermark
Add-on Service
Super Resolution(SR)Service:
$0.99 /CCU/Day
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